Jaye Chris

Artist Songwriter

JAYE CHRIS is a Canadian born emcee who was raised in the urban streets of Toronto. He built a local buzz with the single 'Ms. Green' off of his second mixtape titled 2ICE as NICE. Through his very melodic content JAYE CHRIS displays himself as a cool, and witty hip hop performer. Hip-Hop is the medium where he sonically conducts his imagination, being a recurring element in his music because of his background in visual arts, while employing various lyrical techniques in his songwriting. JAYE CHRIS has said to intentionally create soul driven music because it embarks the feel he aspires to deliver all listeners. Hailing from the west end regions of Toronto reveals the evident sound of Caribbean mix in the body of work, due in part to the multiculturalism in his city. This up-and-coming emcee looks to explore and transcend into new melodic avenues of music as opposed to glorifying his means to suppress early struggles and the redundant subject of street life. JAYE CHRIS has successfully released two mixtape albums, and currently working on a studio EP album, which he dedicate to his community.

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