Sunparlour Players


Toronto's multi-instrumental duo Sunparlour Players have been captivating audiences for seven years with their incredible live performances and three critically acclaimed albums; ‘Hymns For The Happy' (2007 – Baudelaire), ‘Wave North' (2009 – Outside Music) and ‘Us Little Devils' (2011 – Outside Music). Their latest, ‘The Living Proof' (Outside Music Distribution), is their most powerful and personal effort to date; creating a perfect time capsule of what makes the Sunparlour Players one of the best live acts in Canada. ‘The Living Proof' is filled with songs that are living things that exist now. They do not harken back. They do not romanticize. It is a forecast of sorts ('All we are is cancer in the ground' – from the track 'Nain Rouge'). It's about blowing an idea apart and putting it back together. Recorded in Toronto at the Lincoln County Social Club and The Cellar, ‘The Living Proof' sees the band continuing to expand their sound, embracing folk, electronic and punk influences. 'We needed a place where time wasn't a factor. We wanted to focus with no distractions', says Penner. To help achieve this raw and direct sound, the band again brought on Chris Stringer (Timber Timbre, Wooden Sky, Rush) to produce. Stringer, who produced the Sunparlour's critically acclaimed ‘Us Little Devils' album (one of Exclaim! 2011 best folk records of the year), found a bridge between styles that sees the band stretching past anywhere they've gone before. The songs are joyful and challenging, playful and surprising. 'The new album is what we are. And we are always looking out to new places,' muses Penner. This music brings you to the edge of breakdown and bliss. Extensive touring over the past few years, including gigs with Mumford & Sons, Blue Rodeo, Wooden Sky, Rural Alberta Advantage, Elliott Brood, The Sadies and Plants & Animals, as well as their own headlining schedule of shows in barns, backyards, theatres and clubs has won the band fans and accolades across the country. On stage, Sunparlour Players take their audience through a roller coaster of emotion and energy, thunderous stomping one moment and delicate strumming the next, always backed by the band's boundless energy. This is a lot of noise for just two guys. ‘The Living Proof' is the at home version of the Sunparlour Players live show. Enjoy the ride.

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