Russell deCarle

Artist Folk

Known throughout North America as the lead singer and founding member of multi-platinum country-roots group Prairie Oyster, Russell deCarle has spent the last decade carving out a solo career, concentrating on songwriting and rhythm guitar playing.
Russell’s sound is a celebration and culmination of a lifetime of music, including a time when Buck Owens, The Beatles, and Frank Sinatra would all be played back to back on the radio.
He is currently touring in support of his third recording, a studio album of mostly original material titled “Alone In This Crowd”, released in July 2017. The album offers a fluent collection of songs that mix southern soul and restrained balladry, with obvious touches of southern soul, jazz, blues, and old-school country. deCarle’s songwriting has absorbed all those influences, and he avidly listens to both soul singers and the men and women who made early country music so compelling.


Russell deCarle

Janetville, ON, Canada

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