Shawna Caspi

Artist Folk

Shawna Caspi is a mighty singer, a story sculptor, and a truth teller. She has toured across Canada and the USA and believes in poetry and the power of one person and one instrument. Shawna┬╣s vocals are brewed by years of classical training followed by years on the road finding her own voice singing folk songs. Her performances capture audiences with grace and intimacy whether the setting is a living room, a festival stage, or the bar car of a passenger train. She has a whole band under her fingertips, with a remarkable lyrical fingerpicking guitar style. Shawna loves the landscapes of her travels and while weaving them into her songs, she has also been portraying them on canvases, painting one-of-a-kind works of art inspired by the rich scenery she sees on tour.


Shawna Caspi

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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