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SGMGroupArtists is an Indie label based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Our mission is simple, basically we seek out, sign, and develop young artists. We offer them the resources of a label that they otherwise would not have access to. We provide studio time, music production, world wide distribution, promotion, artist image development and branding, video production, online content development, social media planning, merchandise, radio campaigns, and in some cases management services. All of these elements are strategically woven together to build a realistic plan for presenting an artist professionally, and with relevance. Most deals are developed with the music and artist in mind, so that means little to no investment up front on behalf of the artist, with long term profit sharing agreements in place instead. We are one of the last standing labels with an old-fashioned business model: music and artist development first. We are aggressive in our concept of investing in future careers.


Victim - Andrew Cassara

Fever - Andrew Cassara (Live from Ottawa's RBC Bluesfest)

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