News: Free Eco Mix Upgrade For exPRESS Vinyl Packs

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February 5, 2024
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Precision Record Pressing
Upgrade any exPRESS Vinyl Pack to Eco Mix for free until March 31 2024.

Back in October 2023 we launched our Eco Mix product line, which is made from 100% recycled vinyl compound and available in six distinctive colors. A few weeks later in November 2023 we announced our exPRESS Vinyl Packs, which offer unbeatable pricing for 100, 200 and 300 unit runs and lightning-fast six week turnaround times. Now, for a limited time only, we’re making Eco Mix available as a free upgrade for all exPRESS Vinyl Pack orders until March 31 2024.

The combination of Eco Mix with exPRESS Vinyl Packs is the most affordable and sustainable way to press a color vinyl record in 2024. Here are the available colors:

Cherry (EM1)
Laguna (EM2)
Jade (EM3)
Citrus (EM4)
Lavender (EM5)
Graphite (EM6)

Due to the finite supply of recycled compound, this offer is subject to availability and on a first come first serve basis. As such, some Eco Mix colors may be unavailable at time of ordering. Speak to your account manager to opt-in to this promotion.

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