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Artist Development and Marketing ProfessionalsThe entertainment business is changing daily, but the one thing that never changes is the fact that artists need assistance in the development of their talent and the direction to take a unique gift and streamline it into a successful career. The Entertainment Music Group is a new company with offices both in Canada and the USA. We have a group of seasoned professionals who are well seasoned in all facets of the music industry. Collectively we have over a hundred years of experience in the music business.For a new artist, the music business can be daunting to navigate. Our team of professionals will develop a strategic path moving with ease around what often seems to be the obstacle course to success. For the seasoned professionals we offer the opportunity to continue to grow in their expression integrating their gifts with the new ways of doing business in a digital world.We at the Entertainment Music Group understand that not everyone that listens to or plays music knows exactly what is meant when we use the term 'music industry'. We know that there are a vast number of people that have have been playing music for many years understand very little about the 'Industry' and the average music fan or beginning artist has absolutely no understanding of it at all.Although the 'music industry' revolves around music, it is only one part of the industry. The music industry's total involvement includes many other facets such as, songwriting (nothing happens without a song), song publishing (which enables the writer to get paid), song pitching or plugging as it is called (to find someone to record your songs), artist development musically (creating a sound), the image of the artist visually (videos are a big market in the industry now). Then there's the sales of the artist's recording (this is where the record labels get involved to distribute the artist's recordings), booking agencies and booking agents (to keep the artist in front of the fans), live appearances, management, tour busses, trucks, airplanes, hotels, truck stops, bands, rehearsals, road managers, roadies, technicians (stage, sound and instruments), drivers and down to the people that sell the merchandise, just to name a few. It is often said that 'Music is not a real job'. Music may not be a real job to some, but the music industry is, and it can be a lot of hard work if you expect to succeed. The 'music industry' is a business and without guidance can be an overwhelming challenge to any artist. What is needed is 'the team' and the Entertainment Music Group can provide those services.


Sandy Graham

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