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Cymba Music Publishing is a division of Chapter 2 Productions Inc., owned and operated by president and CEO, Vincent Degiorgio. Launched in February 1990, Chapter 2 Productions Inc. is a publishing, production and creative house based in Toronto, Canada. A company with a broad international network and unprecedented global reach, it houses Cymba Music Publishing, C2 it Music Publishing and The Billy Ray Louis Music Publishing Company. In addition, DVP, a joint venture pop music label and legendary dance imprints Power Records and Boulevard Records Inc. are also part of the Chapter 2 landscape. In 2015, it launched Intercym Music Publishing for our global partners in Canada. Chapter 2 Productions Inc. has furnished music for over 150 international and domestic television programmes including 'Smart Cookies','Pure Design' and the award winning 'Make Some Noise', 'America's Next Top Model', 'Da Kink In My Hair', 'Degrassi' and 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'. It has also had songs in its catalogue appear in major motion pictures such as 'Something Borrowed' and in trailers for 'The Fantastic Mr. Fox'. The newest projects completed include placements in the ABC TV show 'Army Wives', made for TV films 'The Trainer', an advertisement for Reebok's 'Easy Tone' shoes in Japan and Russia and the CBC TV show 'Mr. D'. Cymba Music Publishing, a unique, boutique music publisher, is home to one of the most diverse and creative writing staffs in the country, spearheaded by writers Davor Vulama, Aileen de la Cruz, Ian Smith and Ari Rhodes. It is also proud to represent the catalogue of Montreal based writer Mike Abatzidis, and has recently signed newcomers Swedish writer, Hakan Lundberg and PEI's Dennis Ellsworth


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