nifesto Presents / Minerva Road (Label)

Artist Consultant Event/Convention Label Marketing Non-Profit Organization

In a globalized world, where people and cultures are mixing and merging, the Italian music landscape is ignored internationally. There is a need for a network that connects music professionals from Italy to other countries to create a strong networking system. Espresso Manifesto Presents consults individually or collectively with organizations to create results in market development between Italy, Canada and the world.

The primary objectives of Espresso Manifesto Presents are to:

*Ally Italian based music markets and festivals

*Facillitate cross-cultural collaboration and artist exchanges

*Provide exposure to Italian based musicians to international events

*To produce performance opportunities such as TEMPOFest

*To facilitate a touring network, market development and strategic initiatives in North America and Italy

Partners include: Italia Music Export, Puglia Sounds, Linecheck, Small World Music

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