​MusicOntario & Lula Arts present: ​Legal Basics w/ ALAS & Financial Management for Artists

Mon 22nd January 2024
Lula Lounge (1585 Dundas St. W, Toronto)

MusicOntario & Lula Arts present:
Legal Basics w/ ALAS & Financial Management for Artists
Monday, January 22, 2024, 6:00-9:00pm @ Lula Lounge (1585 Dundas St. W, Toronto, ON)

Dive into the big, bad legal landscape as it pertains to artists and music professionals, from contracts to safeguarding your creative assets – plus learn about ALAS’s legal clinic services and how to access them. Then, we’ll explore finance essentials with those who handle it on the daily to shake off some of the dread we all feel when thinking about budgeting, bookkeeping, and staying on top of revenue streams. We all have to do life and biz admin, even in the arts, so let’s start 2024 fresh with good habits and systems!

Session 1: Legal Basics w/ ALAS


  • Lyndra Griffith-Harnden (ALAS, Edwards Creative Law)
  • Annesta Duodu (ALAS, Music Canada)
  • Paul Banwatt (Gilbert’s LLP, The Rural Alberta Advantage) 
  • Savannah Taylor (Artist, MusicOntario, Nina’s Daughters) – Moderator

Session 2: Finance for Artists & Music Professionals 101


  • Joe Bartok (This Is The Deal, Inc., Durham College)
  • Jaimie Milburn (Service & Repertoire Inc.)
  • Sherry Sinclaire (CMRRA) – Moderator
  • Omar Lodge (When I Grow Up Management) 

About MusicOntario:
MusicOntario is a non-profit, membership-based Music Industry Association (MIA) which builds community and career capacity across Ontario’s music sector. Through professional development, resources, networking, showcasing, international export, and advocacy, we nurture, elevate, and empower emerging artists and companies in Ontario. We help.

About ALAS:
ALAS is operated by volunteer entertainment and intellectual property lawyers, fellow creators, and law students from the University of Toronto who generously donate their time to help provide advice to those who may not be able to access more expensive alternatives.

ALAS assists creators in three main ways: our educational sessions, our bi-weekly legal clinic, and our legal database. Our Events each focus on different areas of law and art, and seek to provide creators with guidance directly from industry and legal experts. The ALAS Legal Clinic is offered virtually on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and provides creators with an opportunity to meet one-on-one with legal practitioners who will offer relevant summary legal advice and information. Our Legal Database includes an ever-growing number of articles and resources that provide summary information on legal topics that may be relevant to you. https://www.alasontario.ca/

About Lula Music & Arts:
Through a constellation of mutually supportive initiatives, Lula Music and Arts Centre (LMAC) at Lula Lounge fosters a thriving community of Latin, Brazilian and global roots music, musicians and audiences in Toronto & beyond. Weekly concerts and workshops, annual festivals, community outreach, cultural exchanges and artist development, as well as video and sound recordings released on the Lulaworld label, allow LMAC to serve as an incubator for new projects, collaborations and approaches, encouraging musical excellence, experimentation and cross-cultural pollination. https://www.lulaworld.ca/home

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