MusicOntario Music Mondays Vol. 1

Mon 4th May 2015
The Hideout, Toronto, ON
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Music Mondays May 4 Poster WHO: Xprime: Musicianship reigns supreme among Xprime's four multi-instrumentalist members. They've made a name and living for themselves by playing beloved classics at corporate and cover gigs, weaving their way through harmonies, fancy fretwork and beats with loop-de-loop rollercoaster ease. It's safe to say that the guys - Phil Taylor (drums), Gab Sid (keys/guitar/vocals),Steph Mercier (guitar/vocals) and Neil Carson (bass/vocals) - know their way around (and every nook and cranny in between) a well-written pop song, and 2014's The Album a delicious sampling of just that. The guys are currently recording a new EP, gigging and all around hustling! WHAT: MusicOntario's mandate is to educate, connect and advocate for Ontario's emerging artists, bands and young professionals. The Music Mondays series strives to bring bands from outside of Toronto into the city to play for industry. We encourage companies to extend this invite to senior and junior staff alike to facilitate networking across the spectrum of roles in the biz! WHY: "They have managed to nail songwriting gold with their lead single Early to the Sun. It is as much an exercise in pop as it is in Zombies-esque minimal writing. The song ebbs and flows beautifully, the vocals punctuate energy during the chorus’ swells and reduce to an almost whisper during the elegantly played verses." Aaron Binder (The Wordbird Says) WHEN: Monday, May 4, 2015; 6-8pm WHERE: The Hideout, 484 Queen St. W SAVE THE DATE: The next installments are set for: May 18, June 1 and June 22, 2015

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