Building your team: When and how to draft the best players!

Thu 15th October 2015
Indie Week - The Bond Place Hotel, Picadilly Room, Toronto, ON
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October 15, 2015, 3-3:45pm @ The Bond Place Hotel (65 Dundas St. E) Many artists aspire to build a cohesive team to handle the business aspects of their careers, whether it be in the realms of management, booking, copyright or finances, to name a mere few. The truth is that most of these professionals have their own checklists in mind before signing new clients to their rosters – for the benefit of both parties. Explore what kinds of experience and materials industry professionals look for emerging acts to have in place when scouting, and how to successfully approach these people to advance your career. Moderated panel and opportunity for Q&A.   PANELISTS
  • Rick Fenton (Canadian Music Week) – Moderator web: // twitter: @CMW_Week
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