MusicOntario & JAZZ.FM91 present Tune Up Toronto: Focus on Jazz 2017

Sun 7th May 2017
Jazz Bistro, Toronto, ON
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­MUSICONTARIO & JAZZ.FM91 PRESENT TUNE UP TORONTO: THE JAZZ WORKSHOP! May 7, 2017, 1:00-9:00PM @ Jazz Bistro (251 Victoria St., Toronto, ON)

Tune Up Toronto is a MusicOntario workshop series designed to cater to the needs of local music communities, for artists and emerging music professionals alike. This edition of Tune Up TO teams up with TD and Jazz.FM91 and is exclusively designed for Ontario’s JAZZ community, featuring a day of workshops and networking curated to advance your performing, recording and touring careers. Top players in the industry will give you the inside track on how to grow and thrive.


1:30 PM: Session 1. Tackling the conference world Attending industry conferences is expensive, daunting and time-consuming. So, how can you make the most of it? Working smart goes beyond just showing up and shaking hands or playing a showcase slot; it requires goal setting, preparation and action. This session will give you the chance to hear from the very people who organize conferences and showcases, experienced managers, and entrepreneurial artists to learn from each perspective how to ensure that each conference you go to becomes a meaningful stepping stone in your career. PANELISTS:
  • Derek Andrews – Global Café web: // twitter: @derekjgandrews
  • Peter Cardinali – Alma Records web: // twitter: @AlmaRecordsCan
  • Roberto Occhipinti – Artist web: // twitter: @robocchipinti
  • Rosalyn Dennett – Artist & Canadian Federation of Musicians - Moderator web: // twitter: @rosalyndennett
2:45 PM: Session 2. Know your funding & revenue sources & take their money! Cash sources are all around us in the Canadian Arts landscape, whether through public and private funding bodies, royalty streams or smart monetization of creative works. It’s daunting to see many struggling to tap into those resources, while others have the game down pat, but there’s no secret to the process. Learn how to get your ducks in a row to start applying for grants, collecting all possible royalties and a few pro tricks in between! PANELISTS: 4:00 PM: Session 3. Social media: brand your band & develop your audience Social media is equally the simplest and most complicated portion of your marketing and branding strategy. One on hand, the majority of tools you need are freely available and easily accessible – on the other hand, building and branding your online identity means so much more than pushing out a daily sales pitch. It’s an opportunity to connect, en masse, with potential fans and customers, not to mention the industry and your peers at large. Learn from digital and public relations experts how to find your sweet spot among the internet din! PANELISTS:



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