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Kenton & Lise are a musical comedy duo based in Toronto, ON. Their focus is to make science and natural history more accessible through song. They are a real life husband and wife creative team.

Kenton & Lise debuted their song "Permian Period" on Canada's Got Talent, and the response prompted them to create an act for schools, called Kenton & Lise Explore the Paleozoic, the development of which is made possible through a Theatre Creation Grant from the Ontario Arts Council.


A Science-Based Musical Comedy

Discover the time before the dinosaurs through catchy songs and wild dances with Kenton & Lise!

Kenton & Lise Explore the Paleozoic is a 45 minute-long musical comedy adventure for kids through 250 million years of the Paleozoic Era. Through primordial, toe-tapping tunes, audiences will be transported to the very beginning of complex life on earth, through all 6 geologic periods of the Paleozoic Era, and will be introduced to some of the crazy creatures from each period!

Kenton & Lise Explore the Paleozoic features the music from the 2023 award-winning Toronto Fringe Festival hit musical Curious K Explores the Paleozoic - written by Kenton Blythe with vocal arrangements and choreography by Lise Cormier.


Together, Kenton & Lise have over 40 years of experience in the entertainment industry. They are both performers in Toronto that have graced stages and screens across Canada and the United States.


Kenton & Lise on Canada's Got Talent

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