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June 25, 2014
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At a recent board meeting (June 24, 2014), the Toronto Public Library Board received a staff report that examined the "feasibility of designating an existing branch or part of a branch of the Toronto Public Library, the "Toronto Music Library". As you might remember, the Toronto Public Library Board asked its staff to compile this report back on January 20, 2014 - where it was contemplating a motion put forward by its Chair Michael Foderick to examine the possibility of creating a Toronto Music Library to house the bulk of the Library's music-related collections and programming.

What did the Board have in mind exactly? One of the proposals was to convert an existing TPL branch into a full-time Toronto Music Library, while other members of the Board leaned towards housing the Toronto Music Library in a section of an existing branch, allowing that library to continue to offer its regular services in addition to the TML.

Well, a few days ago, the Library's staff reported back on this project: they leaned towards a  “flexible, enriched and responsive model for music services and collections that realizes the promise of Library service delivery”. In plain English - they didn't think that they should move towards establishing a stand-alone Music Library, citing the current lack of capacity to either re-purpose an existing branch (even partially) without displacing core services, they recommended that the Board should move towards enacting a promotional plan that will better position and promote awareness of the rich and extensive music service that's currently housed at the Toronto Reference Library and the various community-based music services at branches across the city.

You can read the full report and recommendations here: http://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/content/about-the-library/pdfs/board/meetings/2014/jun23/13.pdf

Toronto Star: Toronto Library Board to consider creating a Toronto Music Library

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