Digital Music Trends: Independent music, Bandcamp, artist-fan relationships...

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August 1, 2014
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Our new friends at Digital Music Trends have posted their latest webisode with a special show focused on independent music, featuring Senior Editorial Analyst at Billboard Glenn Peoples (, cellist and composer Zoë Keating ( and solo bass guitarist Steve Lawson (

The crew covers some crucial topics affecting the independent music community:

- Bandcamp, why does the platform work well for artists and why do artists identify with it?

- How platforms like Patreon, Bandcamp and Pledge can facilitate an artist’s relationship with fans and what that relationship can mean to artists on both a human level and on a practical level.

- Streaming: how is it affecting “middle class” musicians and is the mainstream narrative of people’s shift to services like Spotify correct? Should artists have more of a say on the rates they are paid from streaming services or at least the ability to negotiate them?

- David Byrne’s latest comments on copyright review published by Glenn in a Billboard article this week.

- The Content Creators Coalition: can collective organizations help artists increase their bargaining power? Are there downsides?

- YouTutube’s music service: after a high-profile staff departure and several stumbling blocks what’s next for the yet-to-be announced service?

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