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May 6, 2013
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Last Wednesday was the 2nd MusicOntario panel, Sound & Vision, which explored the role of video in the music industry in 2013. Lots of great thoughts and insights were handed down from our panelists, who were clearly a passionate group of creators and insiders.

The panel started off by each of the panelists giving their thoughts on what makes a great music video. While the panel agreed that there was no universal set of ‘rules’ that make a video great, originality, style, and a strong narrative can contribute to the creation of engaging video content.

The discussion then turned to the topic of who’s in charge when it comes to the creative content, the artist or the director. It was a split decision: some argued that the director should take the reins, while others suggested that artists should take the lead.


Other topics that were discussed were monetization, fitting video into an overall marketing strategy, other forms of video (aside from scripted music videos), and more. Participants & panelists all walked away with a heightened viewpoint of how the artforms of music & video intersect in 2013, and the role that intersection plays in moving the careers of artists forward.

We’d like to thank our panelists Brendan McCarney (Last Frame Pictures), Adam Barnes (Last Gang), Aaron Miller (Arts & Crafts), Louis Calabro (Prism Prize), and Claire Edmondson (Director) for participating and imparting their wisdom. We’d also like to thank the generous folks over at TicketBreak for their support, and Foundery for hosting!




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