Sync'd Up: A 101 Approach to Music Placements

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June 7, 2013
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Yesterday, we announced our first ever music industry workshop, ‘Sync’d Up,’ which will take a look at the wonderful (and profitable) world of music placements.

This panel will discuss the mechanics of placements (which rights need to be cleared, how the artists/rights holders are paid, etc.) as well as providing insight into how to get your music noticed, WHEN to pitch them, and the importance of music in their projects.

Our panelists for the event will include:

Jeremy von Hollen - Music Supervisor, instinct entertainment (Degrassi, The LA Complex, Beauty & the Beast, My Awkward Sexual Adventure)

Chris Budd - Publisher, Bearsuit Publishing (Lily Frost, Aidan Knight, Young Rival)

Jason Irvine - Editor, Epitome Pictures Inc. (Degrassi)

Adaline - Artist

We’ll have more on our panelists and their various projects in the coming weeks. Until then, make sure you go and register for the event, as space is limited and spots are running out!

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