2018 Music PEI Canadian Songwriter Challenge Update

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June 15, 2018

Congratulations to Ontario's own Steph Copeland for making a huge impression on the entirety of Canadian Songwriter Challenge delegates! Partnering with PEI-based trans performance artist and musician Russell Louder, the duo hit it off right away, collaborating on a lot of pre-production work prior to visiting the studio. Greatly impressing engineer Colin Buchanan (Guitarist of Prince Edward Island's Paper Lions) with their preparation and professionalism and receiving a lot of buzz from the conference, Copeland and Louder generated praise from many, including Duncan Smith, UK-based Music Supervisor of Sony Interactive: 

"She's a great package of beautiful voice, strong song-writing/arranging skills, production technique and, importantly, great attitude. I'd love to collaborate with her on the right project &, having heard her stuff & hung out with her, feel confident it would be a positive experience & that she'd deliver."

Click below to listen to two of Copeland and Louder's collaborative attempts:



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