#ForTheLoveOfLIVE Awareness Campaign Launched by Canadian Live Music Association

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February 9, 2021


#ForTheLoveOfLIVE is an awareness campaign launched by Canadian Live Music Association (CLMA) to bring attention to the damage COVID-19 shutdowns have caused Canada’s live music industry – the artists, festivals, venues, promoters, clubs, concert halls, arenas, talent agencies, unions and many others working in the supply chain that connect Canadians with extraordinary live music experiences.

We know how much live music means to you and we encourage you to join us and add your voice to support your favourite artists, local venues, friends, families and neighbours working in the live music industry. Make some noise!

Read the press release HERE.

Here is how you can help:

  • Watch the #ForTheLoveOfLIVE video HERE.

Why #ForTheLoveOfLIVE

It is now fully understood that live music will be among the last to recover, and that “when” remains unknown. Venues have closed their doors and many will never reopen. This is a significant loss to the cultural fabric of our nation that cannot be reversed without action today. We want to ensure live music remains at the forefront of recovery conversations.

Before March 2020, the Canadian live music industry provided 72,000 jobs and contributed approximately $3 billion to the national GDP. Since March 2020, the industry has reported:

As venues close, every single day jobs are lost… continuing to stay viable as a business is becoming impossible. I’m starting to realize we might never be back… that live music may never recover.” CLMA member, November 2020

Government Support is Needed

Until we can operate safely again, government support is critical to ensuring that we don’t lose a generation of live music, hundreds of venues, and thousands of live music professionals from coast to coast to coast. We are currently asking for the following government support:

  1. Innovating on initial Phases, a “Phase 3” should seek to protect all venues, festivals, production/sound + lights/supply companies, others whose core business is live music (talent agencies, management companies, etc.) and self-employed people working in live music who continue to fall through the cracks; targeted support should be provided quickly and qualifying expenditures should be expanded.
  2. Ensure extension of vital programs such as CEWS, CRB, and CERS programs for as long as necessary.
  3. Support the UNISON Benevolent Fund, Canada’s leading music industry charity, so that the music industry can have access to emergency funds and mental health aid.

To learn more, please read the Live Music Industry Recovery Plan.

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