VenusFest Mentorship Program 2023

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July 20, 2023


You post content on social media. You see some engagement. But now what?

In the first half of this interactive workshop, we’ll take a look at how to thoughtfully share the story of your creative processes and discuss practical tips for growing your audience – both online and IRL. We’ll discuss how to find and trust your voice, and differentiate what you want from your audience versus what your audience wants from you. It might feel challenging, but there are many ways to approach a social media strategy armed with a sense of self-preservation that is in integrity with your art.

In the second half, we’ll examine the often daunting artist bio. Every artist needs one, very few know what to include, and even fewer enjoy writing them. We'll hang a light on the differences between a bio and press release, what each is composed of and when to use them. Together, we’ll demystify who the artist bio is really for.

This workshop is reserved for music workers of underrepresented genders/gender identities—including (but not limited to ) trans women, trans men, non-binary people, and cis women.


Rina is a music fan (this is an understatement). She has long been an avid concert-goer and a champion for the sustainability of Canadian artists. For over a decade, Rina has mentored Toronto-based arts organizations and emerging artists through a lens of intentional adaptability practices. With career highlights in Vancouver, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, she has worked in concert/event production and promotion, digital publishing, content marketing, and product management. Rina is currently the Senior Manager of the CBC Listen Apps and Loyalty Experiences at CBC/Radio-Canada.

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