Big Wreck's Ian Thornley Launches The SickKids Artist Challenge!

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October 23, 2014
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Toronto's SickKids has just launched a cool new fundraising initiative called "The SickKids Artist Challenge" - with the help of Big Wreck's Ian Thornley!

What is it?

From the release,

"Artists are asked to share their talents with SickKids patients, raise money, and challenge other artists to do the same. For more information please visit: This initiative engages with artists and will see them donate their time in some way to the hospital and its patients, and then ‘nominate’ another artist/band to either match what they’ve done, or one-up them in order to raise awareness for the cause. What sets the SickKids Artist Challenge apart is that the nominees are asked to do two things – share their talents with SickKids patients and raise money directly benefiting this initiative. "

Big Wreck's Ian Thornley kicked off the Artist Challenge with a 1-on-1 guitar lesson with Achahk, a 14-year-old patient who recently had a lung transplant. Check out some footage here:

What are they raising funds for?

SickKids, wanting to tie together the arts and healing, are building a studio called Marnie's Studio.

Per the release,

Marnie’s Studio will be an open, accessible space for children and families from across the hospital to gather, share stories, and participate in specialized programming that will:

  • entertain and energize patients through fun, playful activities;

  • empower children to make choices, create art, and express themselves;

  • help children and their families cope with pain, anxiety, and stress;

  • provide comfort and emotional support at a time when children need it the most; and

  • offer memory- and legacy-making opportunities for children and their families.


For more information, visit SickKids Artist Challenge

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