NXNE Talks: Diverse voices in the music industry: getting heard and recognized

Wed 12th June 2019
Rivoli, Toronto, ON

1:45PM-3:15PM @ (332 Queen St W, Toronto)

The music we consume has always drawn from a plethora of backgrounds, cultures, identities and human experiences, but the industry mechanisms that market and monetize it has diluted and censored its visionaries and creators for decades. Finally, long overdue change is underway!

Now is the time to prioritize dialogues that makes us think, to question norms, and demand inclusivity; to hold and create safer spaces, and to celebrate the unique, diverse, and formative perspectives of our peers. How is the music business evolving for the better, with 2SLGBTQIA and BIPOC industry professionals and artists illuminating an equal share of a market they generate so much revenue for?

An important discussion featuring professionals who have lived it and see a brighter, stronger future ahead.


  • Nadia Elkharadly (Addicted Magazine) – Moderator
  • Bobby 'Valen' Beckett (Luminato Festival/YDS/Pride & more)
  • Hua Li (Rapper/Artist)
  • Jeff Patterson (Just for Laughs)
  • Linda Bush (Cadence Music/Fontana North)

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